Board elections at Annual Meeting

 Absentee ballots available through
Monday, June 18

The Purple Carrot Market is a democratically run company that is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of owners.  Each ownership share has one vote.  Elections for board members is held at our Annual Meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19 beginning at 5:00 pm.  Anyone who is an owner by of the start of the official meeting at 6:15 pm is allowed to vote.

If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to cast an absentee ballot online, please reply to this email stating your intention to vote absentee and you will be emailed a link.  All absentee ballots must be completed by 11:59 pm on Monday, June 18.

Now, we would like to introduce you to the slate of candidates running for election this year.  Normally there would be three seats up for election, however, due to one vacant board seat and two appointments which must stand for election, we have a total of six seats on the ballot..


Calling all owners to join us at our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, June 19 on the lawn of the Rosemeier House (6061st Street SE in Little Falls).  Informal social time starts at 5 pm with an owners photo in front of the #onlyinMN sign taken at 5:30 pm.  Following the photo will be a picnic meal and meeting. 

Bring a lawn chair or blanket!



Statements by Candidates for
Purple Carrot Board of Directors

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Lorelee Beto, owner #186 – three year term ending June 2021
I would like to express my interest in continuing my seat as a board member with the Purple Carrot Market, where I can use my skills to help assist the Coop to reach its objectives. I have 8.5 years of experience working with the Morrison County HRA as their Full-Time Executive Director. I work on-call for an Intensive Residential Treatment Center as a Mental Health Practitioner. Working in both fields I possess a strong economic background, fully diverse in all socioeconomic status’s and have a strong interest in achieving community sustainability.  I have Business, Property Management, Non-Profit, Administrative experience, leadership skills and excellent work ethic and would continue to be a valuable asset serving on the board, as well as in the startup of The Purple Carrot market.

Personally I am very excited about The Purple Carrot Market coming to Little Falls. I currently shop at the Coop in Brainerd for my organic products. I am very passionate about clean, fresh, organic eating, as well as keeping our dollars local.

 I am confident that I have the skills and experience to continue to hold this position on the board and will continue to be a great benefit to The Purple Carrot Market.

Elise Carey, owner #275 – one year term ending June 2019
The thought of serving on the Purple Carrot Board of directors is exciting to me because it affords the opportunity to be a part of further establishing a co-op for the community to have access to locally and seasonally grown food. Cooperatives in general are brilliant - the co-operative business structure and the role co-ops can play in a community are vast. They are / can be so much more than a store. Of course, local, seasonal, quality ingredients are available, but parallel to this is education, the potential for minimising food waste and food insecurity, and creating a positive environmental impact, just to name a few. I’d like to be a part of seeing this happen in Little Falls.

Growing up on the east coast in a family that was part of a co-op has given me understanding of their value. In university I studied environmental science, and see the Co-op model as a viable solution to lowering our negative impact on the environment, among other things.
Having lived all over the world (outside of the US, more than in), where eating local and seasonal food was the way of life, and wellness care was just as valued as care when ill, has shown me a model of what could be. Co-ops, I believe, are a path to that.

I am a Farmer’s Market vendor in Little Falls and Long Prairie, an avid gardener, a culinary academy graduate, and former chef in a pop-up restaurant in Riga, Latvia where quality ingredients were paramount. Currently, I work at the St. Clare Library for the Franciscan Sisters and run the Seed Library there.

Most of my life I’ve worked in the area of Community Development where service and coming alongside was the key to successful, sustainable change. I am service - oriented, and believe that one person is never the answer to a problem / challenge, but must be willing to be part of the solution. I’m good relating to and connecting with people one on one or in small groups when it comes to something that has value (not a fan of small talk, though). Using social media is another area that I could input, seeing posts boosted and using live streaming.

Jim Gehant, owner #88 – three year term ending June 2021
I believe the board should be a good cross section of the members, so I would like to be considered.  I want to be involved in getting the co-op started and on its feet successfully at the beginning to insure long-term success.  My goal is that we offer a quality product and live up to expectations to benefit our members and the producers.  I have served on several boards in our community: Northern Pines, Head Start, Public Health, St. Gabe’s Hospital, St. Gabe’s Foundation, Exchange Club, and First Lutheran Church.  I believe I am a good listener and decision-maker.

Natalie Keane (representing Sprout, owner #167) – one year term ending June 2019
I have really enjoyed getting to know other Board members and owners. It’s been a great way for me to build some community in Little Falls. I have learned so much from being on the board this past year and I am excited for the opportunity to learn from the CDS Consultants as they develop our business and marketing plans.

I have two years of co-op management experience from the Minnesota Street Market Co-op in St. Joseph. I am skilled in operations and procedure development, especially in regards to written training be it on a Point of Sales System or in a produce cooler. I am an experienced buyer, especially in regards to working with local producers. I have experience in grant writing, reporting, evaluation, and project coordination. My work with Sprout has helped me develop a good working knowledge of food safety and regulations, especially in regards to value-added foods.

I care deeply about positive working environments and compensation for co-op employees. I value the process of creating efficient store operations that also enhance the co-op community sense of belonging. It is important that the co-op is seen as an integral piece to local food system development which includes the farmers markets, Sprout Food Hub, food entrepreneurs, growers, and eaters.
I hope to help document the development of the co-op to accomplish two main goals:
1. Establish methods of internal organization to retain historical knowledge from Board to Board.
2. Track the co-op’s impact on the social and economic fabric of the community and region.

Linda (Lynn) McCarthy, owner #44 – two year term ending June 2020
I am very enthusiastic about having a co-op market in our local community.  I have lived in Morrison County for the past 48 years and been affiliated with the real estate industry the entire time.  I know many folk and champion causes that are near and dear to my heart such as a co-op.  I firmly believe that a co-op brings a community together to experience the opportunity to have access to healthier food at a reasonable cost.

At the present, as with all of you members, I think it is urgent that each of us bring in 1 to 2 new members per year to achieve the goal of preparing to open the doors of the co-op sooner rather than later.  As a board member, I would like to help grow the membership with a positive approach and see success as quickly as possible.

Jim Weiss, owner #68 – three year term ending June 2021
Hi, I’m Jim Weiss. My wife Linda and I have lived in Little Falls a little over 25 years.  I have had 40 years of financial and management experience. I have been involved in the startup of The Purple Carrot Market.  Past and current board experiences are: past Board Member, Secretary and Finance & Audit Committee member of St Gabriel’s Hospital; past Council President and Treasurer of First Lutheran Church; past President and currently Treasurer of the Little Falls Exchange Club; currently Chief Operation Officer and Treasurer of the Esquagamah Sportsmen, and past Board Member and Treasurer of The Friends of Linden Hill.


Want to serve on our Board of Directors?  Can you help identify someone who would be a great board member?

Fill out our 2018 Board of Directors Nomination Form so we can get to know you better! Please send completed forms to by 5pm Tuesday, May 15, 2018. If you have someone to suggest, please email us!

Elections will take place at the June 19th2018 Annual Meeting.
Our particular needs at this point in our co-op development are any of the following:
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Communications Skills
  • Sufficient time for board service
  • Technology/Business Systems
  • Legal
  • Enthusiasm for the co-op

Expectations:  3-year term; attendance at 1-2 board meetings per month; committee work as needed; be an ambassador for the organization.  
Benefits of Board Service:  Actively bring the co-op to opening and beyond; work with a team of great leaders; use your skills to help strengthen our broader community.

Your current board:  Susy Prosapio (president), Cathy Hartle (Vice President), Sheila Watercott (Vice President), Jim Weiss (Treasurer), Natalie Keane (Secretary), Darlene Brand, LoreLee Beto, Sarah Okroi.  We have 6 positions up for election: 3 members who will be running for reelection, and three additional positions. 

Fill Out the Nomination Form Now! 
Nominations are due by 5pm on May 15, 2018

Absentee ballots will be available to owners towards the end of May, once nominations are closed.

Board of Directors Nomination Form 2018