Purple Carrot Market

Why should I become an Owner in the Co-Op?

Benefits of being an owner in the Purple Carrot include:

  • Shopping discounts and specials when our store opens.  Some food co-ops extend their member-owner benefits to owners of other co-ops when you shop there!
  • Profits from the co-op are returned to owners based on the amount of shopping you do.  This is referred to as patronage refunds.
  • Voting rights in our democratically run business.  Vote for the Board of Directors and have a voice in our store is run!  Attend our annual meeting and actively participate by running for the board or joining a committee.
  • Owner-only opportunities at special events.
  • Pride in being a business owner in our historic downtown!

Beyond the direct owner benefits, joining our food co-operative:

  • Supports small local farms
  • Grows our local economy
  • Offers nutrition education
  • Promotes a healthier environment and sustainable agriculture
  • Provides fair wage employment to store employees
  • Brings great food to our community!

Ownership Information

Welcome to the Purple Carrot Market's Ownership page!  Here you can find out more about what it means to be an owner of the Purple Carrot Market and how you can become an owner today!

What does it mean to be an owner?

Our owners are the life force behind the Purple Carrot Market!  It takes a community support and your investment to start a Co-op in our community is an investment into a healthier, more vibrant future for your friends, family, and neighbors.

Owners provide the working capital needed for starting up the store and future growth. Your initial ownership equity stake supports The Purple Carrot Market's mission and buys you a lifetime of benefits. It also supports local farmers and their families, organic farming, sustainable agriculture, community based events and development, nutrition and health education, and ecologically sound business practices.  Supporting your local co-op makes a difference in your community.

As an owner you are entitled to certain privileges and opportunities.
Primary co-op owners elect the Board of Directors and influence store policy. The Purple Carrot Market will be accountable to its owners and the community.  Owners do not have to volunteer at the co-op to receive the benefits of ownership.  One owner equity share is a household membership.  All household members must live at the same address.  They all share the benefits of ownership, but only the primary member gets a vote.


Why Buy into Ownership?

• Participate in your co-op by voting in elections, holding office or joining a committee.

• Access member-owner specials and discounts once the store opens.

• Support local and regional farmers and producers that use sustainable growing practices.

• Improve access to fresh, healthy food.

• Keep more dollars generating the local economy.

• Experience satisfaction in being part of a community owned grocery store.

How much does it cost?

An individual share (single Ownership) costs $200.

Why $200?

• The Purple Carrot Market needs $1 million in capital to open a successful small co-op with approximately 4,000 square feet of space.

• The co-op projects that 50% ($500,000) will come from owner capital.

• It is projected that: 
a. 20% ($200,000) of capital will need to come from common shares.

b. 30% ($300,000) of capital will come from owner loans and/or preferred shares.

c. 50% ($500,000) of capital will come from other sources of debt.

• A feasibility study projects that before opening the market, ~1,000 people will become owners

• $200,000 (20% of needed capital) divided by 1,000 people is a $200 stake per owner.

become an Owner!

 We are so glad you have decided to invest in the Purple Carrot Market! Check out our Ownership Brochure for answers to your questions to any remaining questions.

Ready to join the Purple Carrot Family? Go to our Online Ownership Store to become an owner today. 

If you prefer, you can print and complete our Ownership Application and send it with your payment* to: 

The Purple Carrot Market
PO Box 724
Little Falls, MN 56345

(*Checks can be made out to The Purple Carrot Market.)

If you'd prefer a hard copy of any of the above forms, please feel free to Contact Us!